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Originally Posted by mtothef View Post
I picked this little gem up the other day from a guy locally who had built it as a replica of the f81m that he desired way back when. The frame was de-raked and a champion style rear loop added, then powdercoated, work done by James Banke. SR500 wheels and forks, forks are in betor triples, with a newer YZ brake caliper grabbing a rotor that looks like it came from an FZR. The motor is freshly rebuilt to stock spec, with a chamber that "probably" used to be on a Suzuki based 'tracker of some sort. It is plated, and riding it feels like I'm getting away with some sort of crime:

This showed up on the local craigslist, where the legions of tire kickers seeking R6s to turn into stunt bikes for less than $2k probably had no idea what the hell to make of it. Having relatively recently built a hideously expensive SR500 based street tracker, and currently also being in way past my wallet on an RD350 restoration, I was all too well aware of what the owner had put into this bike, and how much below that he was selling it (which is sort of how it goes, isn't it?), so I couldn't let this pass me by. It will, at least for the time being, cure me of my need to bastardize otherwise perfectly decent mid-70s two stroke dual purpose bikes to try and emulate the same thing, and may even steer me away from my financially self destructive desire to own a Bultaco Metralla.

Coolest bike I've seen in a long time. Congratulations. Fuc^er
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