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here i am ...

Guys I am on a jungle between a lion and a rhino, i am scared

ok it may not be the complete truth... i am on a camp, on nice grass, close to the swimming pool and a burger restaurant Adventure is tough !

So I was in cape town and hve to go north, so I did !

I'd cruise on the west coast but the weather was terrible, cold, windy and a lot of mist

Nothing to see in this s**t

So I decide to go inland and drive until Springbok, a lot of straight line really really boring.. I arrive on a camp with my brain completely flat and my rear tyre too

After a cold night I inflate my tyre and go on town to find a garage. 2 hours of fight later my tyre was repaired and I have learn that in this country people like brute force !

It was 12am I was just 100km from the border so I get there and cross it
easily and rest on a camp close to it

Next morning wake up late to discover that my rear tyre was flat again brute force, I love you...
So ask the guys there and work with them on their workshop

They were really friendly but love too much destroy my wheel !

One hour later I was on road again, and hit the dirt road

Sun was shining, I was listening to my favorite song, singing on my helmet, it was a perfect moment until

Until my third flat on 2 days ! This f**** rear tyre again, and this time I can't inflate it. It was 14h, i had 1/4 liter of water, no eating since last evening, has not see any car since 100km and the next town is at 30km. Hummm I was just angry to be so stupid ! I see how their put the tyre on the wheel and know that it was dangerous... i m now in middle of nowhere and this day will be a long day for sure !
I decide to not repair by myself, no shadow, temperature to hot, and a compressor maybe not enough powerful ... so i drive at very low speed fo 5 km expecting someone.
And after maybe one hour the miracle arrive ! a 4*4 with a south african couple, they decide to make a u turn for me and to make 70km more just to help We tchat a lot and have fun to think what could have happen to me here !
We arrive at the ais ais camp and at its workshop where the boss take care of my tyre imediately

This time with a machine is maybe more secure for my future !

Five minute later we were driving to the bike, I put on the rear wheel in 2 minutes and took photos for souvenirs !

Many many thanks to annita and leon from joburg, great people for sure !

After another cold night, dirt road was calling me

Then tar road for a too long day of boring straight line until the town of luderitz...
Next morning i decide to go to sussuvlei but the dirt road was to sandy, more than 200km of dirt road like that alone was a little too much of risk for me, so i made a u turn

So tar again.... distance are so long here between cities, 3 or 400 km between two really small villages, you have to look at your tank carefully !

Two days of tar after i was in windhoek the capital and rest two days. My new slovenian friend has trouble with its namibian visa so we will not drive together but anyway you can follow him on his blog but I may found a new friend but that is a new story !!
just me crossing Africa

L'aventure Africaine en franšais:
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