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After reading a billion threads on the Internet about it! Which are all true of course. I dove in with a shoelace and some sand paper.

After a quite a bit of sanding at various grades of fine paper, all of the stuff I was feeling yesterday with my fingernail is gone. Apparently all bearing material stuck to the crank. There is some visual discoloration in spots that "looks" like groves but can't be felt at all with a finger or fingernail. That and the crank still measures in spec with the other rod journals at every single spot I can measure it.

Starting to think with a bunch more polishing to a mirror shine that it might just work for awhile. These journals were all about .007 under spec so they will run barely loose with stock bearings in them. So the super tiny imperfections will also have room to move a bit.

Hard to get a good picture under tha van with a phone. Most of what looks like its on the rod journal in the picture is a reflection. The other discoloration a on the journal can't be felt at all. Opinions?

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