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Originally Posted by DARKRYDER View Post
Hey Matt - which Shorai model are you using in your 990? So far, this battery cranks my bike like nobody's business and I will be field testing it in the coming months. Whatever weight I saved was added right back with the Rigid D2 LED fogs, lol.
Originally Posted by Newbusa View Post
I used a LFX18A1-BS12 in mine, And was suprised at how long it would crank at full speed

Just purchased the same model for my 990 Superduke.
ah .. but at what temperatures?
and minor details but for how long?

when temps drops ... that's when actual amp hour capacities, not PB/EQ comes into play.

LiFePO4 at 14f AH capacity drops in half. don't forget your LFX18 actual AH is about 4.6AH, not 18AH. it's 18AH PB/EQ (lead acid equivalent) .. LiFePO4 warm up procedures requires amps flow to heat battery ... which lowers internal resistance, bringing back up LiFePO4's ability to deliver huge amps. above cold weather start procedure specific to LiFePO4 uses up amps ... assuming you've got a full charge, at a tiny 4.6AH ... your margin of error is slim indeed.

LiFePO4 is no different than any other battery in that when current draw goes up, actual amp hour capacities goes down.

this means if you only crank for say 1-2 second intervals .. your LFX18 will deliver a high number of crank cycles. but when you try to do extended 200amp cranks .. LFX18 will fall flat on it's face .. not because it's a bad battery. but because it's too small for the job!!!

for Starbuck duties .. IMHO LFX18 is still too small for 990 ... certainly not for real Adv duties to parts unknown. go with AGM or if you've got the $$$ ... use largest LiFePO4 you can stuff into available space.

don't forget Starbuck duties could include the dreaded .. Cold start, short ride with heated gear... don't be surprised if your 990 will not start the next morning at say 25f ...

Joel Wiseman, one of the most knowledgeable techs on Adv, did an excellent video on this very topic... more detailed info within this thread ..

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