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Originally Posted by Chris S View Post
It's not an easy shape to measure but 24L is exactly the figure I just arrived at in preparing a review for my website - not including the pocket.
Definitely looks like less volume than my Magadans which are about the same rolled right down, but that can be varied - or should I say, expanded.
Other than that, a sturdy and stiff set of bags. More impressions in a day or two.
Great to have a growing choice of overland-ready soft bags.

Interesting to see how the numbers work out. I never even measured them and I know they are noticeably bigger than the prototypes that were called the Kodiaks at 60L, that I ran last year.

I also know GL was doing the volume measurement by filling them with something (can't remember what) and then using that volume, but of course you'd expect it to come out the same. That is about the only way to get the volume of the MoJavi/Coyote/Great Basin since the shapes are so elaborate.

Also FYI the front pockets were designed to fit Touratech's 2L rectangular fuel bottles but I don't think that was part of the total volume. (Those also fit in the MoJavi side pockets ).

We do have them in Canada Sturgeon, but on the West Coast (and at some dealers too) but I think you're somewhere East though?

You're welcome to check them out of course...maybe a ride?

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