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Originally Posted by Kai Ju View Post
planktonnn, I don't know if they have professional dog walkers on your side of the pond, but I think they must.
Anyway, you could offer your services as a professional motorcycle rider to those folks that have too many bikes to keep the batteries charged and the seals pliable on all of them.
I'm sure that if you didn't charge too much you might get some takers.

I can just see the ad:

Too many bikes ?
Not enough time ?
Worried about your seals hardening ?
The battery going flat ?
Gas going stale ?
I can help. Expert motorcycle rider ( over 500,000 miles without a ticket or an accident )
Guarantee that redline will not be exceeded, footpeg feelers will not be scraped.
50p/mile plus gas.
Call now. 310 555-3278

BTW, if this works I would like a percentage of the proceeds............
There's your problem, right there....planktonnn always falls off going round
roundabouts. Do roundabouts exist in the USA? I think we should be told.
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