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Originally Posted by Sam il Cinghio View Post
Ciao Extreme, your work it's really interesting!

I'm thinking - from some time - to raise the Scrambler too.
My goal it is to find a little bit of ground clearance and above all a longer suspensions travel... but not too far from standard.
I found a KTM W.P. upside down front fork (travel 140mm) that raise the bike of 55mm, it must be coupled with a pair or 415mm rear shocks (travel 120/130mm... I'm still looking for them!).

But I have also some doubt, concerning the work of the chain with new bike dimensions.
How work the chain on your bike with new suspensions? Have you some pic of chai detail?
Also, the idea of chain-tensioner it is interesting: some detail?

Thanks in advance ;)

I'm still working on the chaintensioner.
So I don't have any photo's at this moment.
If you want to raise your scrambler, you will need a chaintesioner.
Otherwise the chain will be to loose when there is no load on the bike and to tight when there is.
I will make some photo's as soon as I can.
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