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Originally Posted by Roadrunner View Post
I remember when a guy asked if I was a girl.

We were the only vehicles stopped at a stoplight, and he was in a pickup with his window down. It was late at night. I had on a full face helmet, jacket and blue jeans. He was staring at, I finally looked at him. He asked increduously, "Are you a girl??"
Reminds me of when a (male) friend and I were sitting on our bikes in construction traffic just outside of Spokane, WA. We were bored and kept playing "footsie" with each other, taking turns stepping on the other's boot as we inched forward. After about 10 minutes, a van pulled up in the lane next to us and the driver leaned out his window:

"You had me worried! I thought you were a couple of gay guys for a while there!"

Yes, welcome to the conservative "east side"
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