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Been awhile but I got some solid time in at Tech Shop on the bike. Makes a huge difference when you have plenty of space and some really nice tools to use. Got to use the plasma cutter and mig as well as a shrinker and bead roller.

I cut the tank on the band saw then sanded it on the big disc sander.

I also beat out the huge dent on the left side once I had opened it up. Will def need some bodywork

Tacked the new panel in place. I'm glad I extended the seatpan forward even if just a little. Makes the sitting position very comfortable, and you can stand easily with arms extended to the bars.

I need to also bend and weld in a piece for the bottom, then weld in my fitting bung

If I keep getting in productive days like this the bike should be done in fairly short order. Lots of little finishing projects that can take up an enormous amount of time.
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