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The one time I was lit up by an un-marked car I did not pull over either. I dialed 911 (I was in my truck) and told them I was being lit up by an unmarked car and where I was and I wanted to verify that this car was actually a LEO before I stopped. Took them several minutes as the dispatcher I reached via 911 was not with the dept lighting me up. But they did verify it was indeed a LEO. I asked them to stay on the line to explain to the LEO that I wasn't trying to run or such silliness. I pulled over and cop started yelling about me not stopping sooner. I handed him the phone and told him it was dispatch. He calmed down PDQ after that. It all worked out and I didn't even get a ticket, as the reason I was lit up was because my truck matched the description of a truck suspected of a store robbery.
Where is this that they yell at possible robbery suspects for not stopping rather than getting them out of the vehicle at gunpoint?
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