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look at what just come in the door ... Optimate Lithium 12v LiFePO4 battery charger.

Optimate claims to be able to charge our motorcycle LiFePO4 batteries while balancing internal cells without balance ports.

If true .. this would be the ideal LiFePO4 charger, especially for batteries without balance ports and/or internal BMS. Which includes almost all LiFePO4 battery mfg except Earth-X. Shorai are equipped with balance ports but not BMS. (my Shorai LFX36 contains internal BMS and balance ports) Antigravity comes without internal BMS or external balance ports.

Getting ready to put Optimate to work charging up LiFePO4 batteries with cells purposely shunted into an unbalanced state.

More to come ....

note: All Earth-X batteries are built with an internal BMS (battery management system) which balances internal cells while providing overcharge protection to about 3amp.

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