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Divide 2 Unite

Originally Posted by Butters View Post
If you do create sub forums, I hope you keep a "general" thumper forum as well. That way people that are cross shopping can get opinions from owners of all brands. Also, if people have more general thumper related questions (suspension, comparing displacement options, etc), they have a place to go.
Totally agree.
Cutting along brand lines will do major harm to the charm.

Time to brood on other ways to make that division. Some suggestions:
-region where thumper was purchased (or is used, ...)
F.e. eastern/western hemisphere, though this would cut through good'ol england, sorry chaps.

-first owner or second hand
Another easy, clearcut line whithout connotations, that does not separate one brand or group of brands from the others.

Surely other and better suited ways can be found. The general aim however would be to keep thumpers of all kind represented in each of the subfora for that essential interaction.
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