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i can bet your timming chains are the culprit, but i would start the easy way, buy the oil pump housing (it comes with the new style pressure valve) and the two timming chain tensioners, change those, if is still making noise then go ahead and change the timming chains with their guides (not that expensive) and it will be fine, make sure you do all these things which are what plagues the 950:

- Water pump (just rebuild it and start counting from scratch, they don't last long)
- Fuel pump points ( i would convert to mister bean digital board)
- Check the shift drum (by the clutch) because the pins tend to move a lil)
- Clutch push rod (upgrade)
- Torque with locktite the clutch springs (they tend to loosen)
- Torque with the correct locktite the ignition rotor bolts.
- Head bolts nuts and washer as well with correct torque
- Clean clutch oil jet
- Make sure you purge the cooling system really really well.

and i think that's all (brain tired)

good luck
Having some time off first :(
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