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Originally Posted by Bli55 View Post
More battery goodness!

REALLY Really interested in what you make of this "no need to think" charger as I'm considering getting one like it or something chunky with knobs to twist...

I know you are a big fan of Earth-X, thing stopped me ordering one (let's skip over the fact that none would fit in the standart compartment) - yes, they are waterproof, but only to IP66.

Of cource, Antigravity don't provide exact info on their website (I assume IP66 or 67??), but at least they had one in a YTZ10-S case (BMW G650X) - decided on the larger 12 cell and will let you know how it gets on with battery duties...
yup .. just finished unpacking Optimate Lithium LiFePO4 Charger ... and heaven forbid, reading the instructions

more to come on Optimate ... you are not the only one wanting feedback on Optimate, which is a 12v LiFePO4 specific charger. designed to balance charge LiFePO4 batteries without balance ports.

yup a big fan of Earth-X and Antigravity .. both are watertight.. but most importantly, smaller sized LiFePo4 models are able to deliver impressive 200amp cranking performance!

really don't understand all this concern about how water tight a LiFePO4 battery is rated. for instance Shorai is not rated waterproof .. but as you can see in picture below... no bubbles are showing. I only dunked Shorai for about a minute and didn't do a dunk test with charging port open. No I didn't dunk Shorai for 20 minutes for the simple reason... even if I dropped my bike during a deep water crossing. there is no way I'm letting my bike remain underwater for very long. then if I really was worried about it... a dab of silicon grease would seal nicely.

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