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Originally Posted by snooker View Post
Starting at 7:42 on Freaky's Hite to Flint Trail video (1st one).. if you look at the soil it appears to me to be some of that nasty clay that I mentioned a few months ago. If this gets wet it is a nightmare (icy and balls up BOTH) which is an issue for bigger bikes especially. I've never been more bummed than once long ago when I was completely stuck in this stuff with no options and miles from getting out, so yeah it's one of those "sensitive issues" for me. Likewise as to the snowmelt situation you mentioned earlier for the higher altitude forest section.

But unfortunately snowmelt is not looking to be an issue this year .

Nonetheless I'm curious as to any options for bail outs if we approach one of these sections and the conditions look dicey for us bigger bikes (with camping gear as well).


p.s. I've seen Jeep YouTubes of Elephant Hill but anybody got any bike vids of this and the Bobby's Hole - if these are the 2 toughest sections?
Elephant Hill was easily accomplished by a couple of and Howell...last year with Hellsickle's group, and I was on a KLX250 dual sport bike. Not that tough. I've done Bobby's Hole on a KLR650 in the past, and I think there's a link on this thread that shows a girl named Jennifer riding a couple of XT250's up BH because the owners didn't want to try it. Look for the thread here that has quite a few pics of her making the ascent on the XT's.
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