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Hey wilson, no one is hating, he did a great job and has great skills in the welding and fab work he did. If you post pictures and put up a post of what you did, you are going to get feed back, positive and I'm not going to say negative, but sometimes less than desirable. Now I know that in today's society with all the hugging and telling everyone that even coming in third place makes you a winner crap may make you feel safe at home and help you sleep. But if you're gonna throw it out there and someone calls it ugly....well tough shit. When the girlfriend asks if her shoes look good and they don't, you might say, babe you make any shoe you wear look good. I say, no babe they don't look good. So if feeling were hurt, well tough shit, then don't post it. Great fab work, nice welding, easier and cheaper way to get it done. PI SI LI.
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