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Hi Vic,

I enjoy your random thoughts. Tech support is a thankless job, kind of like being a contractor. Solving problems for people is rewarding in and of itself. The only satisfaction of a job well done comes from within you. If you need pats on the back, you will be wanting. I admire anyone who can work in a corporate job. I've always been self employed. I can imagine I would last about two days working for someone else.

As far as selling everything you own and hitting the long road, I've done that when I was younger. Had a giant garage sale and left for a year with a backpack. The problem is, you have to buy all that stuff back when you get home. Better just to store the expensive stuff like stereo, TV, appliances, car, etc. for a year IMHO. And when you get home, you start at the bottom and work your way up. Talk about being a stranger in a strange land. When you go from the third world back home it can take a while to adjust. I remember walking into a Safeway with automatic spritzers spraying the lettuce in the produce section and being amazed. And hot showers. Holy crap! What a great idea, whoever invented that! In my case it took about a year to get back to where I was pre-trip. Well worth it though. I have no regrets. And I will have no regrets when I get home broke this time. Money comes and goes. Travel memories are forever. I still remember coming over the ridge and seeing the snowy Himalayas for the first time at sunset glowing and golden, kissing the sky off in the distance. It's been over 20 years. Seems like yesterday. Took my breath away at the time.

I will look into the ebook thing and report back what I find. Maybe my Dad was wrong. Things might have changed since he published books. It's a new world. I will give it a shot just out of curiosity. Who knows? Since I don't care if I make any money it will be a fun experiment.

Juan Autor
Hi John,

In my experience, there are not many people that so selflessly have the genuine interest and attention to think and understand others, and express their true thoughts and share life impressions in response, the way you do. And although not being religiously affiliated, thus far from being the most qualified one to recognize it, I believe you have reached what they call nirvana in your life with a balance of work and travel riding. I hope you will have this tranquility forever while preserving the adventurous life style of living on the edge.

In my own case, I recognize my rides were many times a way to run from facing my own self, for over twelve years now. High speed, long distances were my weapons. Not that I didn't enjoy the travels allot, but I now understand that I cannot outrun my own demons and perhaps my fate, and the sooner I face them, the better. And that taking that first leap out of the driveway onto the long road ahead is much better with peace in one's soul and smelling the flowers along the way. But even if not, I have used it as medicine and it works for me. As you say, returning is a shock, and I have yet to experience and understand how that feels after more than a month but got a taste of it and can only imagine. For a while I was unable to ride unless it was for a day or more, it felt pointless, I already knew all roads and places in that proximity. And riding is my most enjoyable activity. Slowly I started enjoying again short rides, just for the pleasure of riding the bike. I hope you don't have that problem when you return home.

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