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Originally Posted by icebergstu View Post
610 not a 630 or 650.

They start to jump up In weight.

Ive done 20, 000 miles of a mix between commuting and intense single trail.

Brilliant bikes.

Heres a taste of how it goes in the tight stuff:

And on the not so tight stuff:

Carby version October 05 onwards are the best.

+1. I was going to suggest the TE610 also over the 511. The 610 has a true wide ratio gear box so it makes the highway runs much easier, but it still will blow away the WRR off-road, and I believe the motor has longer service intervals. I actually went from the TE610 to the WRR, but that was more or less because my wife was on an XT225 and the TE610 was way overkill for the riding I was doing with her. I really do miss how awesome the TE was off road when I wanted to be aggressive. I can still do it some with the WRR, but the TE just had so much good power. I do enjoy the WRR on the road more than the TE610, but the 610 wasn't bad. I did a 2500 mile trip on the TE610.

We just got my wife the CRF250L and I'm still really enjoying the WRR when I ride with her. I miss the Husky though when I ride with my buds on their Husky's.
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