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I had the battery fail 2 weeks ago, changed it, volts looked good and steady, then this week the regulator appears to have failed. 14V on my basic electricians voltmeter (whole numbers only, no decimals) but when I raise the revs it drops to 13 and when I hold it steady at around 4000 it drops to 12V.

Got a new reg, list price at the local dealer was $300. I know the parts woman, she said it'd been on the shelf since 2010, did it for $90.

Installed and it appears to have fixed things at first glance. Held steady 14V throughout rev range.

Next start up, it held 14V but occasionally showed 13V for a couple of seconds.

I priced the stator, none in stock, 6 weeks from Germany, and $1700 South Pacific Pesos ($AUS).

I'll take it for a run tomorrow and see how bad it is. If it's the stator I'll be buying a US one.

It does beggar belief with all the failure stories the dealer here has told me about (one local guy had his quit in the middle of the Canning Stock Route and according to the sales staff went full retard in the showroom on his return) that they don't have one in stock. As a dealer looking after their clients it's like they just don't give a fuck.
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