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Did some late night working yesterday with Svane. He kicked some butt with the wiring fir te extra stuff ive been asking. I grabbed a hammer and started with the Xenon projektor mounts.

Great tool

arghh small stuff.

The end result for now. Not to happy but i will mount it up and see how it sits when everything is bolted together.

After that i mounted the damper on the Emig triple. Had to file it down to make it fit, but worked out great. Did order the frame post with the extra tall pin(63mm) so it should work out fine.

Svane worked all night on the electric setup on the front. Cleaning up all wiring, sleeving and connected the 4 buttons on the HDB setup.



1: Map = Which map on the Bazzaz i will run.
2: GPS = On or off 12v. This one will include my voltmeter.
3: Aux light = My LED lights in the front. When ON they will fire with the long light and the long flashing/overtaking light.
4: Start = Would be when i park my bike a secure place and ive got the tank bag mounted. I will not need to take off the tank bag to cut the ignition.

So far so good

Long light(only 1 LED)

Later today i will try to record the running engine. Some real evidence.

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