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Originally Posted by FlyingFinn View Post
The only person who likes change is a baby in a wet diaper.
So I understand the "leave it alone!!" comments.

But it's already done with twin-cylinder bikes and only a random drunk should get confused where to go to.
We have "Beasts" for "all other multi cylinder bikes"
There's GSpot for BMW twins, and OC for KTM twins.

Now we'll just do same with single cylinder bikes.
"Thumpers" for all other singles and generic thumper stuff.
"GSpot / Singles" for BMW thumpers, and "OC / Singles" for KTM thumpers.

Works fine for twins, should work for thumpers too.

I'm suggesting just the structure, not the specific naming of two new sub-forums.

I like the idea of splitting BMW and KTM from the rest, but keep them with Thumpers rather than moving the singles to their respective brands.

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Road Warriors

Most of the What bike should I buy, what oil should I put on my tires, goes into "Thumpers", and things like Should I buy a KTM or a BMW go into KTM or BMW.
If you click on Thumpers, at the top of the page are the links to KTM and BMW, and then there are thumper threads, just like in the Old's Cool forum
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