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Originally Posted by pjcr12 View Post
...planktonnn always falls off going round roundabouts. Do roundabouts exist in the USA? I think we should be told.
It's not so much that I fall off going round them, but perhaps more that I have, on occasion, simply ridden into them, or have someone pull out on me. Yes it's true to say that on both occasions I had not left enough spare capacity to deal with the advent of such issues. No argument there. But there are so many other reasons I've had to modify the proposed text that to focus on this one is perhaps giving it more credit than it deserves within the wider framework of my bad riding & crash history

Originally Posted by pjcr12 View Post
I've invented a new Corporate Cultural Movement Strategy for the Martha Farquar International Institute, all it needs is a soundtrack to go with it.....?

Ah, well, I can't resist a fart sound, and that's hardly appropriate for this glorious imaginary manufactuary. Could we convene a focus group to indicate which sound would best represent the Martha Farquar Motosickles corporate form?, other, of course than a fart.

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Nice onsie. Should i mention that ive passed two motorbike tests and one car test
Ah. Well. All of us who passed after the earlier version of the CBT in the time since it was instituted will have had to take at least 2 tests, and one might have tested within the timeframe wherein we would have had to take a theory test as well. When considering car & bike theory tests, CBT & higher level bike tests on could have taken a total of 5 tests, but I imagine that pales into insignificance when compared to the current/upcoming testing regime.

Originally Posted by Kai Ju View Post
We have one here in Long Beach, about a couple miles from my house. I dread navigating it because nobody has a clue on how to behave in one here in the US, including the locals.
Try this one...

Here in the Former United Commonwealth Kingdoms I think it's probably fair to say that all political administration is expressed thru/ough the idea of panels & pressure groups endlessly debating the conversion of any given junction from roundabouts to traffic lights to roundabout to traffic lights ad infinatum. Once conversion has been agreed and executed, the committee immediately reforms to discuss the reversal once sufficient consultation has been undertaken. No action, just inactivity & incompetence. I can't even say that at an administrative level we are subject to a grand plot of control, just a constant stream of idiocy & incapability. Perhaps above that there are puppet masters, but at the coal face of social control it's just repeated idiocy.
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