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Originally Posted by BOOTLACE View Post
Unfortunately I missed the Jurby Airfield event. That won't happen again!
It was one of the highlights of my trip when I went for the Centenary. Got to meet a couple of heroes, including these two:

And J. Surtees.

And this guy, who (at the time) I didn't know from Adam,

yet had a pleasant chat as I took pictures of the bike parked next to his spot at the airfield.

Originally Posted by BOOTLACE View Post
The Paton. Serious equipment.

When I attended the Centenary, I went as a guest of friends and co-workers of Roberto Pattoni. AFAIK, it was the last time a two stroke MotoGP bike participated in the TT. Broke on lap 4.

Rest of my crappy photos here.

Oh, and there's this:

I'm glad I found this thread. Reminds me that I need to get to the Manx. I understand it's much lower key than the TT weekend. This may be the year.
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