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Originally Posted by brents347 View Post
See, now of all your tired diatribe, THAT WAS FUNNY!
and in some ways not far from the truth. I'm somewhat puzzled by the outrage of my less than ringing endorsement of asterisk. they seem to be a study in the defiance of logic. I'm not an EMT but I do work in an industry that has very close ties to first responders and healthcare in general as well as emergency healthcare. I have some basic medical understanding and I am BLS certified.

what defies logic is the asterisk mode of operation that seems to subscribe to get them back on the bike asap. so if that is the case, stay out of it. if a rider needs attention it will be pretty obvious. if he's had a run of the mill spill, again, give him space you are not part of the race. to swarm over a guy as if the outcome of that riders finishing position is paramount his medical condition be damned makes no sense from a medical perspective. that is why they make stiff neck collars and spine boards. to immobilize. I know a guy who fell off a scaffold and the other guy on the scaffold was all busted up. they both went to the ER but the focus was on the other guy. they finally got around to looking at the lesser injured guy and his pulse was WAY over normal his heart was racing. had been for an hour. asterisks mode of operation makes. no. sense. if they are going to get back on the bike and keep racing than they should stand back and wait until their services are really needed. not jumping out into the track for a routine biff where the rider is already obviously intact and functional. if your main objective is their medical well being you don't pick somebody up like they did with Chad Reed at Dallas last year and run with them. You just don't if an EMT did that at an accident scene he'd be sued and deemed an incompetent quack. my criticism of them is warranted and in the riders best interest and those who take issue with that really are oblivious to the facts. Asterisk clearly has no guidelines, no direction, and defy standard medical procedures on a regular basis. they need to be seen and not heard to a degree and stop acting like they have a monster energy jersey on and start acting like emergency medical technicians.
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