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Okay, so what I've done so far:
-adjusted valve clearances
----dropped feeler gauge into engine (on the very last valve after verifying they were all in spec!)
----removed generator cover
-changed oil (well still haven't added new oil yet obviously
-flushed and refilled coolant
-installed new chain and sprockets
-cleaned and oiled air filter
-removed carburetor and have started cleaning it

What I still need to do:
-remove flywheel to get feeler gauge (I am going to borrow a flywheel puller from a friend to remove it later today or tomorrow)
-replace battery
-front fork seals and oil
-replace rear chain guard
-replace tail light lens
-install rear turn signals
-install new front brake line (stock one has a small leak)

Now for the questions!

I am replacing the larger jets put in by the PO and want to put it back to stock more or less because I hate carbs and I hate playing with them to get everything right. I've replaced the main and pilot jets back to stock. What is the recommended fuel/air mixture screw setting? I screwed it all the way in and backed out two turns. The bike has a slip-on exhaust if that matters.

My second question is in regards to part number 16017-1265 (jet-needle), the one with the red arrow pointing towards it on the diagram:

The part in question doesn't look like the parts diagram piece. Here's a picture of what I pulled off of the carb:

I'm not entirely sure whether this is a non-stock part, or whether the diagram has it drawn slightly incorrectly (which I've found is not all that uncommon). What do you guys say?

I'm replacing the rear turn signals with some LED ones I have laying around. Will these work with the stock flasher relay? Or will I need to add resistors and/or a new relay? If it won't work, does anyone make a plug and play electronic relay for this bike? Or does anyone know the correct size resistors to add?
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