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Er This is like a brainstorming session, so here are a couple of wild thoughts just being thrown out there, without being judged at this time:

A few question first, Baldy- WHY does it need split? WHY IS 1 million too many?

Does it slow the system, is system too small, would more money to buy upgrades make it better?

But if a split is the only answer, toss everything out the window!

SPLIT it a couple sections back. Start from the BIKES Page.

Put major sections by bike manufacturer, go down from there.
e.g. KTM. then say twins, singles, other or whatever makes sense.

Then lay in HACKS, TRIALS, etc for those smaller subsections

Another thought, it would work, but goes against the free-posting idea.
Go back thru each section and strip out all of the unless posts.
Call it IS NOT censorship, but some may think so.

There are lots of posts that do not add anything.
e. g.
Excessive drooling
I wish i thought of that
My brother in law had a 1974 mustang that sounded like your 4 cylinder jap bike
My bike never did that
I have a red one that is faster than blue ones
(Prolly not popular, but it will reduce the count. However, in time, we will be back to that 1M count again)

How to actually get it done is another subject.

Whatever is done is not gonna please all, we will need to just get over it, and we will.
When you have eliminated the impossible
whatever remains however improbable
must be the truth..
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