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I fully support your experience in that when I first put the seat on I was not amazed! It was better than the stock seat and even the bmw rally seat but I was still not overly impressed. Then I put some miles on it, it definitely had a break in period and I have hit a point where it is great. The biggest issue I was having is that my ischial tuberosities (major contact point for moto seats) were taking a beating on the other seats and I never had that occur with the renazco seat. This is usually the pain people talk about. But everyone has a different shape to their posterior so it is not a magic cure all for the bike. I am in the process of making an add on to this great seat for serious mileage. Essentially it will be a strap secured seat enhancer that will make the seat platform larger and eliminate the small depression, it will be able to come off easily etc... When I get a good product put together I will post pictures.

If anyone can do this... it is you.... My butt, and body for that matter, dont like the memory foam in there..... But James is the first one to say that all butts are not the same, and he is trying to generalize, for all butt's out there. I think that eventually I will replace the memory foam in there with regular foam. Looking forward to see what you come up with.

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