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Originally Posted by LocuL View Post
At last you joined with facts CY.

I dare to enter this thread with a question. ive lost my connection to buy an ETX36 battery. Does anyone know where to get it, either US or EU works for me.

CY - You convinced me that i needed the extra Ah. And starting my project with an Yasu14 in a cold shed im willing to spend the extra for the POWER. Just need a good source.
here's a picture of Earth-X ETX36 next to Shoria LFX36 .. both survived 200amp extended cranks with flying colors. Shorai LFX36 has survived a one year long term test with lots of 200+amp cold extended cranks. the jury is still out for Earth-X but it's looking pretty strong!

Earth-X ETX 36 is considerably smaller than LFX36 and water tight.

Originally Posted by Newbusa View Post
Hey no problem cy,I tell it like it is. Will update when i get my new 18 Shorai for my 990SD. I know i should get more juice,But its all about cost per amp
And up in Canada these suckers are not cheap. I think the Shorai 18 is costing me 184 dollars ,How does that compare with the earth?
pretty darn $$$ expensive! that's why my recommendation is go with a quality AGM... unless saving weight is more important than $$$. then if one is actually riding to parts unknown with little to no support .. go with largest AH LiFePO4 battery one can stuff into space available.

HUGE $$ differences in what one can get away with using for LiFePO4. for instance someone that only rides from a heated garage with a lithium charger handy... that person can get by with a much smaller LiFePO4 battery. but there's a base size a 1,000cc class high compression motorcycle will need.

someone only riding during warm weather, again from a fully equipped garage. their needs are going to be different than someone riding a looong ways from support.

all those extended 200amp crank tests look extreme, until one factors in what usually gets downed bikes going again. lots of times hooking 12v directly to fuel injection pump, then banging on pump, while cranking and cranking... and cranking will get your bike running again. with a good chance once bike gets running again, problems will clear itself. vs a looonngg $$$ expensive trip to the dealership

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