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Originally Posted by MaxReving View Post
How are those adjustable foot pegs working out for you? Does it work with the springs on the rubber in the foot pegs?

Side stand expansion plate, is it the one from Touratech? Does it get close to your boot when standing on the pegs? Maybe a photo!

Max :-)
Foot pegs - they stopped working within a few hundred miles because of the accumulated dirt and my low weight. Besides cleaning, i have to keep them very well lubricated. Then they work fine.

Side stand - i have a small foot, 9.5 US, and do not touch the side stand while standing. I'm however just preparing the bike for a trip and haven't driven a lot while standing. I made some photo's for you. It's indeed the Touratech one.

In this photo i didn't wear the boot so it didn't put any weight on the pegs. In practice it (the boot) will come down a little bit further and closer to the stand.
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