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Thanks John933 and Fishnbiker

I'll be in Spain tomorrow so I'll look over this again before I get to Morocco. It's been a cold few days but it would have been much worse if I wasn't ready to leave ASAP. It snowed in Germany behind me but in the morning it was still 1-3 and wet in France and in the afternoon a much better 7-12 degrees.

I did read most of .... his level 2 off-road routes are exactly what I was looking for, but he basically just posts teasers on there to buy a book that doesn't exist? I think he would have done better to have jump-started a crowd sourced morocco-knowledgebase and profited off the ads instead. I'd buy the book if I have time, but nowadays a thriving forum would be perfect for Morocco

I've read WIBO's Morocco thread you linked before as well and many of his great posts on Spain/Morocco while searching old threads (I've read through most of the recent threads on Spain/Morocco) I still need to find this infamous Michelin Map #742 haha

I'm still missing a decent reliable lists of non-technical scenic off road routes.. but I'll wing it! I've downloaded Chris Scott's waypoints and I've watched some youtube clips of the well-known ones anyways. I can't really do anything technical with a loaded F800 alone, just looking for the quiet "off the beaten path" err ok scenic beaten path routes

Thanks again
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