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I'm almost back in the land of the living.
For some odd reason I got sick again after just having had the flu in Pharr a month ago! Hmmmmm, sometimes I think being on the road is more taxing than I realize, and having bike trouble on top of it is probably making it worse.
I'm camped out on Logan's property underneath a tree. And even though I have solar power having an electric cord all the way to my tent is nice.

This is my little 2 watt 170 lumens lightbulb that plugs into my Sherpa50.

There are she pretty awesome cacti on Logan's property, one of which I accidentally stepped on in the middle of the night, Ouch!!

Spring is in the air!!!

Yep, the seal was leaking pretty bad!!

While I had taken Spirit apart again I thought I might as well do a few mods that were in much need of doing.

Hurricane mod, no more vacuum trouble!! Oh boy, how am I going to be able to remind myself to turn the petcock off????

After taking off the carburetor it became pretty obvious that at some point or another I had indeed oil coming into it

Turns out my pilot screw didn't have an o-ring, I did find the teensy washer, which I ended up using for my 22cent mod (raising the needle a teensy bit for more fuel, my spark plug was white)

Once I had the cover off to check my balancer chain and cam chain I discovered that my cam chain was really lose! I could move it an inch sideways, what the heck??
Turns out the my cam chain guide was stuck, so the tensioner was not able to push in the chain to tighten it!
That's fixed now.
I also repositioned the balancer chain. Spirit vibrated horribly, and I'm not sure what happened, but the chain was not where it was supposed to be, (lined up with the dots) I must have had a brain fart when I aligned them last.

Now it's just waiting for my order to come in, new friction plates, water pump seal, gaskets, spark plug, 15 tooth sprocket, (I think Spirit struggled to much with the 16 tooth one). I also found my favorite chainlube, the Bellray one, so I ordered that too.
Ratman's Spot came in yesterday, Yay! I'm I'm trackable again!.
Now it's just waiting and getting better.
I promised Logan's wife that I would teach her how to knit.

This is Basia, she still can't make up her mind about me, barking every time I get in, but wanting to be petted too, LOL
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