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Originally Posted by HighFive View Post
Nothing wrong with progress, Baldy.....but seriously, who's complaining? Is there a Server or Bandwith problem related to # of posts?
It's not a hardware/software problem, but a human problem when the campfire gets so large.

What prompted the thought is I had been seeing threads like this one and complaints from inmates about they can't find anything in the megathreads.

In the past, breaking up forums like Jo Momma to create Church, State & Money, or dividing the regionals has been like poking a hornet's nest of protests. But a year or two later and we usually look back and say it was the right thing to do. It's led us to great forums like Old's Cool and Hacks where people know each other and share a specific passion.

Having said that, it's been fascinating to read through this and think about how guys put forks from one brand on another brand's frame, etc. Kinda like hacks.

Also fascinating to hear the worries that we'll become like other places and lose our uniqueness if we organize by brand like everyone else does.

So the brainstorming is great. I definitely like the idea of keeping a general thumpers forum. I'm pretty warm to the idea of breaking out two smokers. I thought the suggestions for <450 and 450+ and Asian/Euro were interesting.

Let's keep talking.
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