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OK, you now owe me a keyboard!!!!

My ass was officially turning into a different life form, every time I sat on the saddle it felt like I was sitting down bare arse in a field of thistles. With the heat my motorbike boots smelt so bad I reckoned they might force an early migration of the Caribou herd. Mossies and black fly had by this point taken a penchant for my extremities and on average I had about twenty bite marks on the go at any one time. I even had a couple on my bum, that mossie was taking his life in his hands I donít mind telling you.

Hughes, Oisin (2011-04-15). That I may die Roaming (Kindle Locations 443-446). . Kindle Edition.

I can relate from riding across Canada twice now!!!.....Laughed my ass off!!!!
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