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Originally Posted by max384 View Post
I tried telescoping magnets and grabbers and unfortunately the only way I can figure to get it is to pull the flywheel off. I tore the generator cover gasket and I need a new plastic bolt piece for the carb (where the choke cable attaches to the carb), so pulling the flywheel isn't a big deal or a time sink since I'll be waiting for parts anyhow.
I believe the plastic 90* choke cable fitting was the source of my starting problems. I cleaned the carb, reamed out everything, drilled out what I could and finally bought a WHOLE NEW CARB! After all this time and money I became aware that a broken choke cable fitting can keep the bike from starting. The air travels through the crack rather than raising the diaphragm to enrichen the mixture.

I suppose I could install the old broken one on the new carb and try it out but I really don't want to know.
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