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Originally Posted by twinrider View Post
Yeah, I agree the S10 is good bang for the buck but for the same money Yamaha could have tuned the motor a bit better. At the very least done away with the tuning that created a $450 surcharge to get rid of the 1-3 gear restrictions. The GS pulls like a beast in both road and dynamic modes right off the showroom floor.
Not surprising. You see the same thing around you every day, don't you? About the only things that jump out and say 'notice me' are the pachinko parlors. In the same manner, yamaha has made the tenere very low-key and reliable, if not a bit boring and sedate for some people in stock trim.

I've grown a bit suspicious of bikes that give a wow factor on first impression, regardless of brand. The 4-valve oil head boxer also has a more powerful engine than the S10, and made the claim that it could burn any grade of fuel because of the knock sensor. Turns out it burned up cylinder heads on RTW trips.

All I'm saying is if you start bumping up the compression and give the bike more agressive timing there's normally a trade off. Remove the restriction in the first three gears and the S10 will still not have the power of the beemer engine although the low-end pull noticably improves. It all comes down to being purpose-built. Yamaha has designed the S10 to operate reliably most anywhere in the world, while BMW banks on the fact that the majority of riders will stay primarily on tarmac. They also know that many will gladly pay a premium for the bike and all of the maintenance headaches for the privelage of sporting the blue and white badge.

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