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Originally Posted by Baldy View Post
I have deep scars on my back from the days when we nuked threads that we thought weren't interesting, only to find out later after the rider was killed or something that they were priceless to their families, etc.
boss, have to say that i'm impressed w/your integrity, as for the last statement.

i can't say that i agree w/it, but that's just me. i'm a jazz musician, and to me, when the stuff ain't fresh, who cares?..... but this wouldn't be the first time that my thinking didn't agree w/the mainstream, so i'm kinda used to that.....

i'm not a computer guy, i barely know how to post any of this stuff, so.... dunno how you manage w/all the info storage.... i've seen other forums that just start the 'new version II' of the same topic, and lock the old, for 'read only' purposes?... i dunno if that would help matters?....

i will say, and it seems that i'm not alone, that i really like the eclectic feel of this forum, and that's why i read it all the time....thumpers are visceral bikes, about gettin' dirty... if this was about polishing your new ducati and wearing tailored leathers, i wouldn't give a shite what you did here.... there's some nutty stuff, and goofball tech that should result in welded toolboxes, but that's why i like it, cause' it's so to pizz off the monkeys in the zoo.... you get it all logical squared away, and it'll get boring....

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