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Originally Posted by GrahamD View Post
Just goes to show the S10 is as good as an oil head then?

But really, if you look at the motor it has suddenly acquired a few "2010 S10" features, at a price, hasn't it?

But no one is over there mentioning it.

The RRP numbers have been released for OZ and it looks good on the base spec until you realize that once the options are added, it's still 30-40% more money.

I have heard that it has switchable ABS as well. Did you find the option?

So I wonder if YAMAHA will ever be able to charge BMW prices. Imagine what would be possible.

look up YAMAHA morpho and morpho II from 25 years ago. A lot of those technologies would be good on an all purpose bike.
Only the premium line 12GS is sold here in Japan, it has all the whiz-bang features. About $7,000 dearer than the Super Tenere, although they will through in a grand's worth of accessories for free. I think switchable ABS is standard in the GS lineup, even my Dakar has it.

No doubt the S10 will be be more reliable over the long term and I'm not rushing to trade mine in. Just think it would have been nice if Yamaha had given more consideration to the modes.

Do you think Yamaha would have to bump the compression up to get more power? The Tenere's 11.0:1 is quite a bit higher than the compression on the 145hp FJR and unlike the FJR requires premium gas.
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