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Thanks guys for all the help. I have a big exam on Friday, plus I have to wait for parts, so I won't get back to work on the bike for another week... But be prepared for more questions in a week!

Originally Posted by bigfishs View Post
Its unlikely any leds will flash properly without resistors. I put resistors in front and back but should have just done the flasher unit that goes under the tank. There is a thread here somewhere that talks about it. You can fit resistors in under the front light fairing and under the tool kit in the rear if you decide to go that route.

On a separate note, I love this forum. You guys are so freaking nice and helpful.
I'd rather go the electronic flasher relay route, but I don't mind using the extra power with resistors, since blinkers are on for such a small amount of time.

This is a great forum for sure!

Originally Posted by DrMoto View Post
I replaced every bulb except headlight on my bike with LED. I used an electronic flasher; way easier than messing with resistors, and with resistors you'll just waste power as (a small amount) of heat. I wanted that electricity for heated grips.
Which electronic flasher did you use? Was it a plug and play? Or one of the auto parts store specials that you need to solder in place? Either is fine, but I'd prefer a plug and play if they're out there.

Originally Posted by 8gv View Post
I believe the plastic 90* choke cable fitting was the source of my starting problems. I cleaned the carb, reamed out everything, drilled out what I could and finally bought a WHOLE NEW CARB! After all this time and money I became aware that a broken choke cable fitting can keep the bike from starting. The air travels through the crack rather than raising the diaphragm to enrichen the mixture.

I suppose I could install the old broken one on the new carb and try it out but I really don't want to know.
The 90* fitting wasn't broken. It was the plastic piece that attaches the 90* fitting to the carb that was cracked... But I wonder if the same symptoms would ensue for either one?
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