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Originally Posted by A. T. T-W View Post
Hmm. Not quite. Bridgestone was one of two suppliers at the time and developed their rubber with Ferrari and for Ferrari to the disadvantage of the other teams contracted to the same supplier. In this case the suggestion is that the Lotus advantage is serendipitous.
I understand the difference between the Bridgestone and the Lotus situation. But while the advantage for Lotus may be inadvertent, I don't think you could call it serendipitous, could you?

It seems to me it's a natural outcome of optimizing your tires based exclusively on the feedback from one chassis. In retrospect, it seems natural that some advantage should accrue to Lotus.

Qualifying was interesting. The commentators pointed out that the Red Bull was running considerably less wing than the rest of the field. What they didn't mention is that it looks like the Ferraris are as well.

That would explain why the Red Bull and the Ferrari qualified so well. But might it also be a problem for both teams if it rains hard on Sunday? After all, both will have a lot less downforce than the field. And low downforce on a sopping wet track is a ticket to the back for the pack.

I would guess that both teams hope they never have to go to full wets on Sunday.

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