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I'm just saying. Do your research, make some phone calls.

I admit I'm a bit Anti Touratech in general as they tend to really jack up their prices for no real reason than people pay it. The up side to that shock is Alex at Konflict is the only one in the US able to service their shocks, and as you can tell, i'm more than happy with his work. So use that as another variable when you decide.

I was really wanting a 16mm shaft, but nothing will be avail for a bit and I wasn't willing to wait.

Here's the list of all I found for the '13, I wanted full adjustability, Comp/Reb/Preload

The following have 16mm shaft, high/low speed adjust etc.

Hyperpro Piggyback and Remote res
Yakugar Piggyback and Remote res (same as Hyperpro, just different colors)
Tractive (Touratech)

The following have 15mm shaft High/Low speed adjust
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