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Day 1

Well, I've started this Ride Report thread, so here it goes.

I woke up and checked the weather. Rain was in the forecast. I've never ridden in the rain before. The destination for my first day was Pensacola, FL., 700 miles away. From Dallas, there are 2 ways to get there, I-20 and I-10. The rain looked like it would avoid I-10, so the 1-10 route it was.

It took me a little bit to get going. I'm a little anxious, don't know why. I hoped to leave at 7 am but I didn't get going until 9 am. So doing the math, I knew I was going to be riding in the night. I've never ridden in the dark before. So I load up and off I go.

I have a Zumo 665 and with XM radio. For helmet speakers, I got some cheap speakers that could plug into Zumo harness. Short story on this, not loud enough and my installation hurt my hears. So they only lasted about 1/2 the trip.

First 170 miles, non-eventful on slab. Next part, south 220 miles through Louisiana on the slab. I was getting bored pretty quickly and had to get off the bike every hour. I've not yet built up the endurance to run 2-4 hours on the bike without stopping. I wonder what the secret is.

It's been a little cool so far, in the 60's. I'm wearing my Rallye 3 with a light down best and a wool base layer. This has kept me comfortable.

Get to I-10 and start heading East. It's been overcast most of day so no rain. This is also the first trip on the Corbin seat I have. My pants are sliding a bit on my seat. Oh, have i said this is my first trip with my Truimph pants. As it warms up, the down vest is gone and the vents are opened up on the jacket.

i keep riding and the darkness approaches. I keep riding. I stop for gas and see a another GS at the store. While I'm pumping my gas, he leaves. I tried to get his attention but didn't .

Just before I left on this trip, I added Adventure design crash bar extensions and Illum highway foot pegs. The crash bar extensions where an adventure in themselves to put on. I'm still undecided about the highway foot pegs.

Well, it's dark, My first time to ride at night. So far so good. I get 120 miles from P"Cola and time for dinner. Stop at a fast food place, grab a burger and I'm really not ready to get back on the bike, but I can do 120 miles. Starts to cool down a little, so back on with the vest.

Get to my destination at 10 pm. Started riding at 9 am. Overall, a a good day. Riding in the dark, not so bad.

It's about the journey, not the destination.
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