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Fill in your profile, and put down the general area where you live as there may be a helpful person close by.

Other than that just take things as they come! One thing that can be helpful to you is to locate a digital copy of a shop manual for your bike, put it on an old flash drive (or maybe nowadays an old mini usb card) and stash it somewhere on your bike so if you have to work on it someplace away from home you'll have the manual.

And yeah, old stuff wears out and breaks but all in all your bike is a pretty good and reliable model provided it hasn't been too abused or neglected (neglect is often more harmful than abuse). And to answer your question, for some weird reason a bunch of stuff will sequentially break on you so you have a month of headaches, and then everything will be cool for the rest of the year unless you are stupid and jinx yourself by telling someone how trouble free your bike is being.
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