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I'm going to post up an update in just a bit, but I wanted to respond to everyone else's posts first.

Originally Posted by JerryH View Post
The thing with the red and green wires looks like a relay of some kind. The red wire is definitely a ground, it goes to the frame. Red is not normally a ground color, they are usually green or brown. Red should be hot. But you can tell from the crimp on connector on that red wire that it is a home spun job.

The part with the rotted hoses appears to be the vacuum fuel shut off valve, but I can't tell for sure. If it is, it will have a hose from the fuel tank, one to the carb, and one to a vacuum source somewhere near the carb.

Adding new acid can rejuvenate an old battery, but I have never seen it last more than a few weeks. Chances are you will still need a new battery soon. But $60 seems like about twice what it should cost. I got a new sealed battery for my XT225 for $50 that is still good after almost 3 years, from Batteries Plus.
Jerry - I figured out that the thing in the green circle with the red and green wires is the ignition coil and that red wire is the ground. The other thing with the rotted hose is the PAIR system for emissions. I just replaced the rotted hose and we're pretty much good to go. The battery seems to be doing great, but I'll keep your suggestions in mind

Originally Posted by fullmetalscooter View Post
Often some of the battery dealers have seconds in batteries they ll sell you. Just means that it's doesn't look perfect or the post might have a nick in it. I know where I live I can go to all state batteries and buy one for 20 bucks. Doesn't mean that it's not going to last for along while. Once you re scooter going stop by a battery place and ask them to do a test on it. it's free and can tell you how good it is . Load test is what it's called.
Good idea about a "second" blemished battery! I'll see what I can find around here. It would probably be a piece of cake in Vegas or San Diego, but I'm kinda in the sticks in central Utah. I'll definitely have a shop do a load test on it

Originally Posted by baloneyskin daddy View Post
It will kick start and run fine with a dead battery,the brake and signal lights won't work properly though.
I've managed to get the thing kick started a couple times, but it's not easy. I hope I don't have to rely on it anytime soon

Originally Posted by fullmetalscooter View Post
I wonder about inline fuses hidden somewhere? Then again china scooter more likely the wiriing contectors are just crap and need to be gone over one by one . Worth doing just to be safe now then have problems at the side of the road.
I've looked all through the bike and there are only two fuses - the ones on the battery leads. They're glass and they're going to be replaced by blade type fuses before too long The rest of it may or may not get replaced before it fails - we'll just have to see how it goes from here
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