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I've heard that the RV200 is something like 50-60 pounds heavier than the HD200? If true, and if they have identical motors, wouldn't that make the RV slower and possibly affect gas mileage?

I see that you live in Chandler. I live in Bisbee. You referred to a dealer 120 miles away. Must be in Tucson. Which dealer was it? Just curious as I don't want to be taken to the cleaners when I need service.

The dealer in Tucson is called Scoot Over. They are nice, but are definitely a "fee" dealer. The price I got from them was for the RV200. I did not even ask about the HD200, since a dealer in Tempe, right next door, has the HD200, and for a very reasonable price. The dealer in Tempe is called Scooter Invasion. It's where I got my '09 Genuine Stella. According to the SYM site, there is only a $200 difference between the prices of the RV and the HD. Pretty sure the rest was in the dealers.

But again, both dealers used to carry SYM, then quit when the Carter Bros fiasco happened, and have just now started carrying them again. They seem to be wary of SYM from past experience, but hopeful that SYM can get it together. But neither could guarantee future parts availability, and they were up front about that. That depends on Alliance, or whoever might take their place.

I can get a Buddy 170 for the same price as the HD200, which is about the same actual displacement. IMO, the Buddy wins hands down in the looks department, and has good parts availability. But the SYM is physically bigger and fits me better, has liquid cooling, and a carb, all of which I consider good things if you are going to use it on trips, especially through the AZ desert in the summer.
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