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Originally Posted by JustBob View Post
Mine doesn't stall, so at least I don't have that to deal with. Anyway, I tried some various settings. Here's a summary.
23Mar13. Tried several MAPS today.
6-222. PowerMap2. Too snappy/abrupt. This one gets a D+
2-222. Traction/Enduro Map1. Less power, smooth delivery, runs out of power at RPM, good down low. 28miles/.93gal=30mpg. C-
4-222. TorqueMap1. Good power, soft throttle. 25mi/0.75g=33mpg. B
0-555. Standard R Enduro Map. OK power, slightly abrupt throttle. 25mi/.70g=35.7mpg. C+
I can smell the rich exhaust in my clothes after the above miles. Need to try 4-111 or even 4-112 where 2 is for Hi or Carby Main Jet.
Wish I had access to a sniffer to see how lean/rich I'm getting. But the poor mileage and the smell tell me I'm still rich.
I'm guessing that you are overfueling. The Vortex disables the lambda sensor. So either the fuel pressure regulator or injector could be to blame. Maybe the previous owner tried to clean the injector like you would clean a jet. Before you mess with anything else replace the spark plug and check the coil connections to ensure that you are getting optimum spark.
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