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Some things are easy to fix while other things are not and actually take some mechanical knowledge to diagnose ie.a non running bike.

Keep this in mind-I've been around bikes for a lot of years and about 80% of the problems I've seen with bikes that won't start or stall are electrical-a loose wire ,bad regulator/rectifier/stator,battery(charging system related)Shops and dealers love these problems because they can take unsuspecting newbs to the cleaners.Get your self a multimeter and learn how to test these systems(the procedures will be in the manual for your bike)
Buy yourself a set of tools ,you don't have to spend a fortune.Up here in canada eh we have canadian tire.They sell a 180 piece tool kit which consista of ratchets,torx bits,sockets etc and the price is very good (under a couple hundred bucks)You can strip a bike right down with this kit.I don't know where your located but try to find something similar.Your owners manual will have a section with the tools you'll need,some you should buy,others you can do without.
I could probably babble on all day,lol,anyways good luck
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