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Twin shock mounting question

Hey folks!

Something that's been bugging me for a while. On my '83 RT, there is a single top mounting point for the left (drivers?) side rear shock.

The right (passenger?) side appears to have three!

Last year I replaced the clapped out no-name shocks with a pair of new-to-me Hagons. I simply mounted the "new" the same way the "old" went. I've looked at my copy of the Clymer manual, no photos of this side, no mention which point to mount them, etc. They appear to be at the same slope, left to right. I should get off my lazy arse to measure their lengths to make sure. That said, I can't think why you would want one side to be a different length than the other. Wouldn't that make for some funky handling? Or perhaps these aren't even extra shock mounting points but some German engineer's warped sense of humour coming out nearly 40 years later. Where SHOULD I mount the right side shock?

Back to tinkering, waiting for the latest dump of white crap to disappear so I can get back out on sand covered roads.
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