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Originally Posted by trc.rhubarb View Post
Seal up tight and keep your body heat in... it's a lot cooler than the 122* outside.
Learn from the nomads and wear thin layers to keep the hot outside layer from heating up your insides.

I've ridden a lot in the desert regions of CA but 115* is about where that seems to cap at although I did do 119* once.
It's contrary to what you'd think but wrapped up in leather I was hot but not dying. In my mesh I get delirious even with hydration. Convection is a bitch.
hmm.. my girlfriend has an airflow type jacket so not sure how she will seal up... also, my understanding was that with the air hitting the sweat and the evaporating it would cool off the body.. while if you are seal up there is not much vapor created...

i guess, i will have to try and see
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