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I bought my first bike when I was 19 or 20. It was an early 80's KZ440. It was all there, but it wouldn't start. The starter didn't work, so we tried to push start it with no lock. I think I paid $300 for it. Eventually I pushed it to another guys house, and we figured it was the points. One points cleaning later it was purring. I remember the first I time I rode, I felt like I was flying, but when I looked down I was only doing 25 or so. I also remember being scared in traffic. For the next several weeks I had to push start it, which resulted in a few dumbass moments, such as trying to start it with the kill switch off, and pushing it miles across town to a friend's house who had a KZ400. Turns out he also had a parts bike, and he traded me my bad starter for the one in his parts bike.

I went everywhere on that bike for about a year, if I didn't have to take the cage I was on the bike. It needed work though, and I traded it in.
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