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Madstad 20"

After much searching and internet research, and trying the Aeroflow bugscreen, I came to the Madstad.

While I liked the Bugscreen, I found out for touring it's not a good solution. When I spent 3 days riding in 45-50degree rainy weather, with my better cold weather kit at home. the wind on my chest was Extremely uncomfortable.

So I started searching again.

The Touratech Deserto 3 looks to be posssibly the best solution, the only complaint I found is the price. $800 scares me away.

The Britania Composites seems to work for most people, but there are some that are my size it doesn't work for, $500.

I would really like to try a Parabellum, but they don't work with hand gaurds. mine takes far too many naps for that. I have friends with them on other bikes that love them.

So I came to the Madstad, there isn't much on the internet about them, almost nothing here on ADV, but I read through the thread on F800riders, and they seem to work well.

I called on a thursday, made sure I was getting the reccomended height screen, and had it on Monday.

I've been a bit busy all week so I got it on the bike (read directions) and took a quick afternoon ride yesterday.

My impressions.

I stopped about 6-7 times playing with up/down, in/out adjustments and ended with it about 1/2 up and all the way back.
the air flow is fairly well defined (hand held up to feel it) and I have it hitting about the top of my visor (schuberth c3).
If I lower it I get a drumming noise, if I raise it I don't get any air in the vents, further out the drumming is worse.
the helmet noise is low enough (sort of a flag in the wind type noise) I can hear the engine sound at 70mph.
There is almost no wind pressure on my chest.

I do notice some shaking in the screen, but it is coming all the way from the metal bugscreen and the rubber well nuts in the BMW bracket.
It's not much different than the pee cup bobble.

For pictures look back a couple posts, it looks almost like TFB43's, I have different hand gaurds, and my right barely touches at full lock also.

For $300, It seems to work and I can take it off quickly for the summer.
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